Sunday, March 15, 2009

A visit from Auntie

I have turned into Katie & Fred.  I now qualify to be deemed a slacker blogger.  But don't worry, Auntie Kelly is officially on the ball and is here to recap the (not-so-recent) trip to Houston!  Good for me.

Unfortunately I have no photo documentation of our main activity over those 4+ days, which was playing on the wii.  For Fred's birthday I got him Wii Ski and a Disney trivia game (which, incidentally, I dominated every single time...just sayin'), so that was our main entertainment. And seriously, what has the world come to when your quads are sore from FAKE SKIING?!  Wow.

I arrived on a Thursday night, so on Friday we had a great lunch in downtown Houston and then explored Discovery Park.

On Saturday we headed down to Moody Gardens and then toured Galveston, where I learned that beachfront property can run you about 60K.  People pay ONE YEAR'S RENT that totals more than 60K for an APARTMENT in San Francisco!  I can hardly contain my outrage.

There were lots of little reminders about Ike, which was a bummer.  And perhaps explains that 60K beachfront property?

Lily tentatively touching a starfish.

The tunnel was super cool.

That night we went to the BEST tapas restaurant and proceeded to order multiple plates of the most divine mustard potatoes, which come to think of it don't seem incredibly Spanish, but whatever.  Amazing.

Speaking of food (that was the other main activity besides the wii), we had a nice lunch at Le Madeline on Sunday.  Lily rocked the stunna shades.

Sunday night was Fred's big birthday bash, which was highlighted by the ridiculously awesome cake that Trina made.  So professional!

Fred enjoyed the melodious sound of his friends singing to him.

These two are all you could ask for as a bday gift, right Fred?  Hopefully you agree since Katie didn't have a physical present for you.  Haha...sorry to call you out, sister.

As always, thank you for your hospitality, K & F!  I miss you all so much and can't wait to see you soon.

(a p.s. as well: I started a new blog this weekend, mostly so I can neglect that one too.  Just kidding, I hope...but feel free to take a look!)

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Jess said...

Wow, great pics! It was really nice meeting you, I thoroughly enjoyed our pre-dinner conversation ;)