Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pretend you're reading this 5 weeks ago

Somehow it has become the duty of the "guest/Auntie blogger" to recap all family gatherings where I am present.  And apparently I've been slacking.  So without further adieu, I present...Thanksgiving.  One month and a few days late.

(I just figure I can't post about Christmas until we get T-Give out of the way, so just time to buckle down and pretend like we're in Nov '08.)

This year our family destination was none other than the ENCHANTING (ahem) San Antonio, Texas. Home of the Riverwalk, the Alamo, and...nope, that's it. (I'm kidding, Mom! It was FUN!)

Our hotel was right on the river, so we took many a stroll down the windy ways and enjoyed the scenery. And we ate a LOT of Mexican food, cause apparently that's what you do here.

The gentlemen enjoying the first burritos of the day.

And the ladies:

And the little lady:

The Riverwalk was even better at night, and after Thanksgiving they added lots more lights.

For our actual Thanksgiving dinner we visited The Menger Hotel, where something involving Mae West and Roosevelt and the Rough Riders and some other things happened. I didn't read the wall plaques.

Katie and Fred got confused and tried to eat Lily.

Serious look of terror on that baby's face. The Menger had a humongous Christmas tree:

and an even bigger pile of carbs.

Lily worked off her dinner by sprinting in circles throughout the lobby.

There were actual cowboys in the hotel. So Texas-y!

We saw The Alamo IMAX Experience after we ate, and let me say that 3 stories of intense bloodshed and gunfire is always a nice way to celebrate a holiday based on goodwill and merriment. Post-show was a trip to the actual Alamo, which looked pretty much the same except for a bit more pavement.

Later in the week my Dad and I went to the top of the Tower of the Americas, a big sci-fi-looking thing in Hemisfair park (Hemisfair = wannabe World's Fair but slightly more "exclusive").

My pictures pretty much come to a halt after this, so I'm struggling to remember what went on. I'm pretty sure we ended up playing dominos for the rest of our time in that city. I'll end on some general Lily cuteness:

And tomorrow: CHRISTMAS '08! The year that we ALMOST stayed healthy until Fred caved at the last minute. (JK Fred, hope you're feeling better.)


Anonymous said...

Hooray -- it's Auntie Kelly to the blogging rescue! Able to leap months of neglect in a single bound! :o) (Kidding, Fred & Katie!) Fun post -- can't wait to hear about the latest California adventure (and especially Fred's one night stand with the toilet!).

Anonymous said...

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Yolanda Crisostomo said...

Hi! As Christmas draws near I look for warm cozy Christmas homes and came upon yours. I hope you don't mind I shared it on my I Love Christmas 24/7 Facebook page with a link back to your blog. Thank you and I hope you have as awesome a Christmas this year as you did in 2009! Yolanda