Saturday, January 3, 2009

One last Sacramento Christmas

Two blogs in two days...I'm setting a great precedent for Kate and Fred in '09.

So, a few short weeks after we left off in San Antonio, all of the "kids" converged at home for our last Christmas in Sacramento. My parents' house seemed to be built with holiday decorating in mind- it looks just perfect with Christmas decor in every nook and cranny.

One of the first things we did was go see the crazy Christmas lights on Dovewood Court, a locally famous street that prides itself on high electric bills in December. The Jimmy Buffet house is always a fave.

We bundled up Lily like she was about to brave an Arctic trip:

The next day we were apparently bored, so we put Lily in my laundry hamper and had some fun. Seriously, it's like she doesn't have toys.

She liked it though, I swear.

THEN my parents dragged out 25 bins full of Katie's and my childhood toys and made us sort through each and every box. Like, 1000 Cabbage Patch Kid socks later and we were barely halfway done. Our general "keep" pile were Barbies, Cabbage Patch Kids, and Sweet Valley Twins books (you heard me). Apparently My Little Ponies had little to no sentimental value, cause we pretty much let them go. Try to spot the Paddington Bear and Mickey below:

And a generally adorable picture from later that day:

We did our traditional Christmas Eve picnic by the tree and opened a gift each (it's always pajamas for the kids). My mom got TWO sets of Mexican Train (our fave game). Excitement!

PJ pics (the pants were sadly out of frame, but just picture red snowflakes, obviously):

So, Christmas morning. Here is Lily with her stocking this year:

And now, hold on to your hats. Please compare this to LAST year:

WHOA. Katie and Fred, at this rate next year she will probably have highlights and a pierced nose and be texting her boyfriend on her iPhone.

I am obviously going to be biased about the awesomeness of my gift to my niece: the Radio Flyer rocket ship. So awesome.

Umm good try Lil:

There we go.

Even fun while deliriously tired!

Christmas day was a lot of fun- full of wii-ing, relaxing, and of course embracing under the Christmas tree.

Lily expanded her vocabulary considerably, since all we did was command her to "say grandma! say grandpa! say auntie!" over and over all day. She landed on "gaga" for grandma, "gagee" for grandpa, and the very sweetest "ann...[pause]...tee!" for auntie.

Grabbing Gagee's nose.

On the 26th we had quite the house full...18 people to be exact. Auntie Vicki read to Lily:

Katie got to sit at the kids' table for the big dinner- congrats!

The next day was spent ice skating in historic Folsom with the cousins.

Lily enjoyed from the comfort of her stroller:

After all that fun, I had to head back to San Francisco to go to work (imagine that). However, on New Year's Eve I met Katie and Fred halfway in Vacaville for some breakfast and outlet shopping. We also met up with Rosalie, one of Katie's best friends, and her fiance Colin, so they could meet Lily for the first time.

And so ended a magical couple weeks of family fun in Sacramento. We probably reminisced 50 times about how awful last year was, when everyone got sick and spent the whole time throwing up. There were all kinds of sighs of relief, like "what a GREAT 2008 this was, no one sick, everyone having a fabulous time, woohoo!" 


After a "crazy" NYE of playing dominos the poor guy got wildly ill and the Boyles fam became land locked in Sacramento.  Is the house cursed?  I guess we don't have to go for the three-peat next year since my parents will be in Houston, but way to test the theory, Fred.

Glad to say everyone is safely home and well now.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and let's make sure it's Katie & Fred's New Year's resolution to blog more! :)

Pretend you're reading this 5 weeks ago

Somehow it has become the duty of the "guest/Auntie blogger" to recap all family gatherings where I am present.  And apparently I've been slacking.  So without further adieu, I present...Thanksgiving.  One month and a few days late.

(I just figure I can't post about Christmas until we get T-Give out of the way, so just time to buckle down and pretend like we're in Nov '08.)

This year our family destination was none other than the ENCHANTING (ahem) San Antonio, Texas. Home of the Riverwalk, the Alamo, and...nope, that's it. (I'm kidding, Mom! It was FUN!)

Our hotel was right on the river, so we took many a stroll down the windy ways and enjoyed the scenery. And we ate a LOT of Mexican food, cause apparently that's what you do here.

The gentlemen enjoying the first burritos of the day.

And the ladies:

And the little lady:

The Riverwalk was even better at night, and after Thanksgiving they added lots more lights.

For our actual Thanksgiving dinner we visited The Menger Hotel, where something involving Mae West and Roosevelt and the Rough Riders and some other things happened. I didn't read the wall plaques.

Katie and Fred got confused and tried to eat Lily.

Serious look of terror on that baby's face. The Menger had a humongous Christmas tree:

and an even bigger pile of carbs.

Lily worked off her dinner by sprinting in circles throughout the lobby.

There were actual cowboys in the hotel. So Texas-y!

We saw The Alamo IMAX Experience after we ate, and let me say that 3 stories of intense bloodshed and gunfire is always a nice way to celebrate a holiday based on goodwill and merriment. Post-show was a trip to the actual Alamo, which looked pretty much the same except for a bit more pavement.

Later in the week my Dad and I went to the top of the Tower of the Americas, a big sci-fi-looking thing in Hemisfair park (Hemisfair = wannabe World's Fair but slightly more "exclusive").

My pictures pretty much come to a halt after this, so I'm struggling to remember what went on. I'm pretty sure we ended up playing dominos for the rest of our time in that city. I'll end on some general Lily cuteness:

And tomorrow: CHRISTMAS '08! The year that we ALMOST stayed healthy until Fred caved at the last minute. (JK Fred, hope you're feeling better.)