Wednesday, November 4, 2009


WooHoo we have grass in our front yard. This past summer as we all know was a HOT one and chinch bugs had a feast on our front yard and pretty much wiped it out. This morning the guys from Lawn Rangers were here from 8:30-1:00ish. In 4.5 hours they were able to

1. Dig up all the dead and some living grass, spread out a chinch bug killer, level out with sand, lay down all new sod.
2. Lay down a weed blocker then the flag stone walk way from the drive way to the front door.
3. Remove the grass from between the driveway and left side of our house and lay down weed blocker and river rock.

They did an absolut awsome job and I love our new yard!!!
Now I just have to add some plants to the new flower pots.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lily has a new bed..... Well Kinda

Today, I was next door (with the video baby monitor I may add) helping one of our neighbors while Lily was sleeping. I have done this before because I can hear her and see her at all times. Well, today's afternoon nap went a little different. I had the windows open and I could hear the home phone ringing and a little voice saying "Uh oh - phone's ringing" but the voice was not coming from the baby monitor. So I told Sandra that I would be right back. At that time the home phone stopped ringing and my cell phone started and it was Katie calling. As I rounded the corner to the driveway, I see Lily and Bella behind the wrought iron drive way gate playing. Lily had climbed out of bed, come down the stairs, out the back door, and entertained herself in the courtyard until the phone started ringing. I was a little shaken up to think what could have happened to her but seeing her happy and somewhat smug I couldn't be too upset. So after dinner, the three of us went up and proceeded to convert Lily's crib into a toddler/big girl bed. As you can see in the pics, she is very excited about the change. As of right now, it's been 2.5 hours and she's still sleeping as normal. It's going to be interesting to see what happens in the morning. In the last pic she decided to squat and jump off her new bed, just like at gym class.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Lily's New Swing Set

Here are a few pics of Lily playing with her new swing set. As soon as I finished the swing set (3 days from start to finish) I went up to get Lily from her morning nap and told her that we're going outside to play with her new swing set! As you can see in the pics we only had a few minutes out there before the thunder and lighting started. Now we're just waiting for the storm to pass so that so that we can get out there and play again.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter weekend at CIELITO RANCH

Over Easter weekend we went to CIELITO RANCH (including Bella) to stay on the 140 acre Ranch in North Houston. We had such a great time, they had about 8 dogs that Bella was able to run around with.

There were also chicken from where we had fresh eggs.

Lots and lots of horses and Lily and I had a horse back riding lesson.

I will try to add more tonight, Lily is awake and ready for lunch

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A visit from Auntie

I have turned into Katie & Fred.  I now qualify to be deemed a slacker blogger.  But don't worry, Auntie Kelly is officially on the ball and is here to recap the (not-so-recent) trip to Houston!  Good for me.

Unfortunately I have no photo documentation of our main activity over those 4+ days, which was playing on the wii.  For Fred's birthday I got him Wii Ski and a Disney trivia game (which, incidentally, I dominated every single time...just sayin'), so that was our main entertainment. And seriously, what has the world come to when your quads are sore from FAKE SKIING?!  Wow.

I arrived on a Thursday night, so on Friday we had a great lunch in downtown Houston and then explored Discovery Park.

On Saturday we headed down to Moody Gardens and then toured Galveston, where I learned that beachfront property can run you about 60K.  People pay ONE YEAR'S RENT that totals more than 60K for an APARTMENT in San Francisco!  I can hardly contain my outrage.

There were lots of little reminders about Ike, which was a bummer.  And perhaps explains that 60K beachfront property?

Lily tentatively touching a starfish.

The tunnel was super cool.

That night we went to the BEST tapas restaurant and proceeded to order multiple plates of the most divine mustard potatoes, which come to think of it don't seem incredibly Spanish, but whatever.  Amazing.

Speaking of food (that was the other main activity besides the wii), we had a nice lunch at Le Madeline on Sunday.  Lily rocked the stunna shades.

Sunday night was Fred's big birthday bash, which was highlighted by the ridiculously awesome cake that Trina made.  So professional!

Fred enjoyed the melodious sound of his friends singing to him.

These two are all you could ask for as a bday gift, right Fred?  Hopefully you agree since Katie didn't have a physical present for you.  Haha...sorry to call you out, sister.

As always, thank you for your hospitality, K & F!  I miss you all so much and can't wait to see you soon.

(a p.s. as well: I started a new blog this weekend, mostly so I can neglect that one too.  Just kidding, I hope...but feel free to take a look!)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Well we finally got our driveway gate and we LOVE it!!! We are sending so much more time outside now. Lily love to play on her slide and her swing.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

One last Sacramento Christmas

Two blogs in two days...I'm setting a great precedent for Kate and Fred in '09.

So, a few short weeks after we left off in San Antonio, all of the "kids" converged at home for our last Christmas in Sacramento. My parents' house seemed to be built with holiday decorating in mind- it looks just perfect with Christmas decor in every nook and cranny.

One of the first things we did was go see the crazy Christmas lights on Dovewood Court, a locally famous street that prides itself on high electric bills in December. The Jimmy Buffet house is always a fave.

We bundled up Lily like she was about to brave an Arctic trip:

The next day we were apparently bored, so we put Lily in my laundry hamper and had some fun. Seriously, it's like she doesn't have toys.

She liked it though, I swear.

THEN my parents dragged out 25 bins full of Katie's and my childhood toys and made us sort through each and every box. Like, 1000 Cabbage Patch Kid socks later and we were barely halfway done. Our general "keep" pile were Barbies, Cabbage Patch Kids, and Sweet Valley Twins books (you heard me). Apparently My Little Ponies had little to no sentimental value, cause we pretty much let them go. Try to spot the Paddington Bear and Mickey below:

And a generally adorable picture from later that day:

We did our traditional Christmas Eve picnic by the tree and opened a gift each (it's always pajamas for the kids). My mom got TWO sets of Mexican Train (our fave game). Excitement!

PJ pics (the pants were sadly out of frame, but just picture red snowflakes, obviously):

So, Christmas morning. Here is Lily with her stocking this year:

And now, hold on to your hats. Please compare this to LAST year:

WHOA. Katie and Fred, at this rate next year she will probably have highlights and a pierced nose and be texting her boyfriend on her iPhone.

I am obviously going to be biased about the awesomeness of my gift to my niece: the Radio Flyer rocket ship. So awesome.

Umm good try Lil:

There we go.

Even fun while deliriously tired!

Christmas day was a lot of fun- full of wii-ing, relaxing, and of course embracing under the Christmas tree.

Lily expanded her vocabulary considerably, since all we did was command her to "say grandma! say grandpa! say auntie!" over and over all day. She landed on "gaga" for grandma, "gagee" for grandpa, and the very sweetest "ann...[pause]...tee!" for auntie.

Grabbing Gagee's nose.

On the 26th we had quite the house full...18 people to be exact. Auntie Vicki read to Lily:

Katie got to sit at the kids' table for the big dinner- congrats!

The next day was spent ice skating in historic Folsom with the cousins.

Lily enjoyed from the comfort of her stroller:

After all that fun, I had to head back to San Francisco to go to work (imagine that). However, on New Year's Eve I met Katie and Fred halfway in Vacaville for some breakfast and outlet shopping. We also met up with Rosalie, one of Katie's best friends, and her fiance Colin, so they could meet Lily for the first time.

And so ended a magical couple weeks of family fun in Sacramento. We probably reminisced 50 times about how awful last year was, when everyone got sick and spent the whole time throwing up. There were all kinds of sighs of relief, like "what a GREAT 2008 this was, no one sick, everyone having a fabulous time, woohoo!" 


After a "crazy" NYE of playing dominos the poor guy got wildly ill and the Boyles fam became land locked in Sacramento.  Is the house cursed?  I guess we don't have to go for the three-peat next year since my parents will be in Houston, but way to test the theory, Fred.

Glad to say everyone is safely home and well now.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and let's make sure it's Katie & Fred's New Year's resolution to blog more! :)