Sunday, July 27, 2008

San Diego

Auntie Kelly here. You'll have to forgive me if there are any misspellings/odd turns of phrase/etc. as I started writing this entry on my plane ride home from San Diego, and had been up at 3am for my Super Shuttle ride to the San Diego Airport. And it sure was super, with the driver blaring what was surely Now That's What I Call Vivaldi!: Volume 17 and getting so lost at every stop that he had to bust out a 9-point turn, narrowly missing mailboxes and lawn gnomes.

But anyway, I am back in San Francisco and had to (sadly) leave the remainder of the fam back in sunny San Diego for them to continue on with their trip. I have a full recap of the first 3 days, however, complete with the many hilarious Lily pictures that resulted.

After we all arrived from our various locations we headed to Old Town San Diego for dinner and some shopping.

Lily was serenaded by this nice older gentleman. Her face says it all.

Grandpa is CLEARLY on vacation.

With Grandpa's credit card- Lily is a girl after my own heart!

After dinner we walked around the booths and shops, where Fred found some wrestling masks he couldn't live without.

There were also plenty of cute little cacti available for purchase, but I didn't think that would be so easy with my carry-on luggage.

This was also the first time that Lily really needed a sweatshirt (Houston isn't exactly known for it's crisp and cool summer days), and it was quite the debacle getting it on her. Eventual success was had though.

The parents going wild. If Lily had been in this picture I think we all know what the Christmas 2008 cards would look like...

The Old Town mission:

The next day we headed up the coast to visit UC San Diego, both Katie's and my alma mater. In the 3 years since I've graduated it has changed a ton, so it was fun for both of us to see the changes. I was a tour guide in college so my mom pumped me for factoids the entire time- FUN.

Visiting the old dorms. Don't jump, Fred!

UCSD was an absolutely thrilling experience for Lily.

We had a little down time before dinner, so Lily found her new favorite toy- Auntie's cell phone. I'm sure she sent a few text messages when I wasn't looking.

Gratuitous beauty shot- look at those eyes!

We met my college roommate Danelle for dinner (sidenote: it's her bday today...the big 25! Happy Birthday!) at Buca di Beppo, which was lots of fun for Lily. Her new favorite past time is making this screeching/squealing sound of delight that pretty much shatters the sound barrier and frightens all onlookers. The funny part is that she's totally content and happy, she just feels it necessary to share her glee at a high decibel. We cleared the room pretty quickly.

Sunday was my last day with the gang, and we decided on casual beach day. We lunched at Ruby's on the end of the pier in Oceanside. We had burgers, Lily had a lemon. Seriously, she loves lemons. Isn't that odd? It makes her shudder sometimes when it is so sour, but she goes back for more.

Watching Lily experience the beach for the first time was so fun and hilarious. She would take off crawling towards the waves and absolutely adored it. She's teaching Fred all about it.

It was just amazing to see what a big girl she is now, standing and babbling and generally being close to a pre-teen. So crazy.

We saw the gorgeous sunset from the top of the hotel while we enjoyed dinner. It was a great trip (minus that 3am shuttle business at the end).

(Nice face in this one, Miss Lily.)

So, Katie and Fred, now you're up! I know those Disneyland pictures will be cute...