Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tuesday is Veggie and Fruit Day

Like the title says Tuesday is our delivery day for our fruits and veggies. We just signed up with a Farm Co-op called BlueStar CSA. They are a group of farms that grow organic fruits and vegetables and then deliver them to families in and around Houston. It is a pretty neat setup - we leave a cooler out the night before on our front door, then some time that night they drop off our share of fruits and veggies of the season. That following morning, as Katie puts it, it is like waking up Christmas morning to see what gifts have been left. This past Tuesday was our first delivery and here is a picture of what is left. Keep in mind we have already eaten cantaloupe, tomatoes, lima beans, and okra. Not shown was a watermelon.

We are already enjoying this whole Co-op thing. It has already made a positive impact on our lives. We have eaten all of our meals at home for the past 2 days. We feel that since we have made this commitment to have this great food delivered we have to make the commitment to use it and not waste all the hard work that went into getting it to our front door. Another positive is that we are getting stuff that we would not normally buy so it is fun trying out new recipes. Tonight's dinner was grilled Garlic and Lime Chicken with lima beans drizzled with olive oil and Italian seasonings, and baked Okra. Tomorrow I'm planning on making stuffed Ortega chilies, grilled squash, and corn.


Anonymous said...

Ok, Fred -- Katie said those stuffed chiles were amazing! I need that recipe!! ;o)

We are loving the CSA, too. I would have never thought to buy fresh lima beans, but when I made them this week, I loved them! This is so fun! And now I get to try my hand at canning stuff. I already made jelly with our plethora of jalepenos. I feel all domesticated and stuff. ;o)


Jess said...

Sounds fun! We are loving it as well ;) I love finding new things to make...a challenge. I would take a recipe for stuffed chiles ;)

kelly : pinetothepacific said...

you are making me ashamed of my top ramen.