Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tuesday is Veggie and Fruit Day

Like the title says Tuesday is our delivery day for our fruits and veggies. We just signed up with a Farm Co-op called BlueStar CSA. They are a group of farms that grow organic fruits and vegetables and then deliver them to families in and around Houston. It is a pretty neat setup - we leave a cooler out the night before on our front door, then some time that night they drop off our share of fruits and veggies of the season. That following morning, as Katie puts it, it is like waking up Christmas morning to see what gifts have been left. This past Tuesday was our first delivery and here is a picture of what is left. Keep in mind we have already eaten cantaloupe, tomatoes, lima beans, and okra. Not shown was a watermelon.

We are already enjoying this whole Co-op thing. It has already made a positive impact on our lives. We have eaten all of our meals at home for the past 2 days. We feel that since we have made this commitment to have this great food delivered we have to make the commitment to use it and not waste all the hard work that went into getting it to our front door. Another positive is that we are getting stuff that we would not normally buy so it is fun trying out new recipes. Tonight's dinner was grilled Garlic and Lime Chicken with lima beans drizzled with olive oil and Italian seasonings, and baked Okra. Tomorrow I'm planning on making stuffed Ortega chilies, grilled squash, and corn.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lily goes to the Little Gym!!!!

This morning we took Lily to her first Little Gym class. It was sooo much fun and Lily did really really well. On a few of the activity's the instructor used Lily as the example . One of them being "Over the Top" kind of difficult to describe but here goes. The Over the Top is where you sit on the floor with Lily laying on your shins then you reach under their arms and lean back bring Lily into a flip over your shoulders to a standing position then reverse it back to the shins. A few of the other activities were somersaults, Jungle the bells, parachute go around, Log Roll, just to name a few.

Lily and Mommy just before we entered the Little Gym area
Lily doing some Jiggling of the bells and slobering on them.
Here is Mommy assisting Lily in a Somersault
Now were singing in the Parachute go Around

Ok Mommy you can let go now! I'm about to do my HUGE dismount
I guess I have to work on that landing thing

Mommy and Lily saying Good Bye

Monday, June 2, 2008

Auntie visits Texas!

Ok, time for Auntie Kelly to actually do the wonderful Houston update. I had the extreme joy of spending a week in Texas; first half was a mini-college reunion in Austin, and the the second leg of my Texas journey involved way less tourist time and way more baby time. I flew to Houston on Sunday afternoon and had a great few days relaxing, playing with Lily, and even jet skiing over ridiculously scary waves (thank you Fred). I even left Texas with...drumroll please...a Teva tan (gasp!). I know, the horror. But it was worth it.

Here we are when I arrived, slightly delirious and frizzy-haired, but so excited to see my niece. And who cares if she's more interested in measuring spoons than her auntie! That would all change.

She does this hilarious Frankenstein-arm thing where she thrusts her hands out, arms and fingers very straight, and lunges for your face. It's more charming than I made that sound.

SOMEBODY has a clean diaper!

Everything is way more fun with an 8-month old baby around, including random car rides.

Just chillaxin at lunch. Not a care in the world.

Katie and I went to Bath Junkie, aka heaven on earth where you can create your own bath/beauty products with amazing scents. However, it is not a good place for the indecisive.

Those are my large containers that would force me to check my bags on the way home (as they are over 3 oz. or whatever the terrorists can't use to smuggle in explosives).

Katie experiences so much joy at Bath Junkie; she knows each employee intimately (no joke, we walk in and it's immediately, "oh did your sister-in-law have the baby?? omg!"). Literal Bath Junkie junkie.

I made an almond/peach/buttercream concoction that is SO amazing. Though one of my friends here smelled it, coughed a couple times and was put that on your SKIN? Dude, at least I don't smell like frankincense & myrrh. For reals.

I want to open one of these in San Francisco. Who's with me? Financing, anyone?

...ok, so 80% of this post has become about lotion. Back to the real stuff. So, Fred took me jet skiing through some of the coolest areas...bayous, lakes, and eventually ridiculous crashing waves that made me scream "I feel like I am riding a mechanical bull!". Here we are in a calm moment, after we met Katie and Lily for lunch off the water.

After our adventures we all calmed down and went to dinner in Kemah on the boardwalk. LOOK AT THIS CHILD. Holy cow, I love her.

The parents, looking remarkably well-rested.

The boardwalk is really pretty.

...and in conclusion, this is me and a shark. Who knows, really.

So anyway, best Texas trip ever. I compiled a few really cute Lily videos, but youtube is taking its sweet time to process them. In the meantime, here is a short clip as a placeholder. Enjoy!