Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fun times!

This past weekend, we went to the Alvin Wild Animal Park for Peyton's (our friends' daughter) 3rd birthday party and we had so much fun! Here are Lily and I during the party:

Lily's "baby blues" are sensitive like Fred's and my eyes so she wore her super-cool shades while in the front-pack with Fred. Surprisingly, she kept them on!

The tram ride around the park was SO neat! There are all sorts of exotic/wild animals (zebras, longhorns, camels, etc) that come right up to the tram to eat food from the bucket you're holding out for them. It was funny to witness the camels running perfectly alongside the tram, hoping to get more food! The ostriches kind of scared me - they are a little aggressive when diving their heads down to take food from the bucket. Fred was very amused by my fear of them (especially when our friend Marty put his food bucket right by the side of my head!) and I liked this picture he took of me and one of my ostrich "friends"! :) Is that the longest neck ever???

Although the tram ride was really loud and bumpy, Lily still managed to drift off to dreamland about 10 minutes into the ride. We'll have to take her back when she gets a little older so she can actually see all of the animals!

A few Saturdays ago, we also took a family trip down to the Butterfly Exhibit at the Museum of Natural Science. Lily was all set to go in her stroller (no more infant carseat - she's a Big Girl now!) and she was all wiggles and smiles in the front-pack carrier:

After going through the Butterfly Exhibit, we walked through Hermann Park (it was such a beautiful day!) over to the Houston Zoo. By this time, Lily was napping in the stroller so she missed the primates exhibit. She did wake up while we were walking through the birds exhibit and she was looking at us with this expression like "what are those chirping sounds???". After the bird exhibit, we walked through the indoor aquarium and Lily LOVED it! I took her out of the stroller and help her up to the glass tanks and she was reaching for the fish and pressing her hands against the tank. It was so neat to see her so interactive and intrigued by the fish. Here I am holding her at the aquarium:

I can't believe that she will be 6 months old on Friday! She has been so much fun lately and is so alert and expressive. I love to just watch her taking everything in. Sometimes I catch her watching Bella and smiling at her - it's so cute! She's also learned her name, I think. We play a game where I say "Lily... Lily..." when her head is turned away from me and after I say her name once or twice she'll whip her head around to look at me and give me a huge smile and sometimes a little giggle too. It's times like that that I just melt and can't believe I get to be the mother of this sweet, fun, wonderful little person! :)